Our Vision

The Namibia Students Financial assistance Fund (NSFAF) derives its mandate from the NSFaF act, No. 26 of 2000. In terms of Secti on 4 of the above menti oned Act, NSFAF's core functi on is to provide fi nancial assistance, subject to the same act, to students, in order:
  • to enable them to study or to do research; and
  • more specifically, but without limiting the foregoing, to facilitate the training of students in prescribed courses or fields of study at approved tertiary institutions.
To build a sustainable and reputable development funding Institution contributing to the improvement of Namibia's human capital.

Guiding Values




Teamwork Ethics Diversity

We perform above expectations

We are dedicated to our purpose

We do the right thing when no one is watching

We work together to achieve our mission

We  are principled in whatever we do

We embrace our uniqueness

We provide financial assistance enabling Namibian citizens to access tertiary education at approved educational institutions.
The NSFAF Board may decide to suspend the repayment of a loan if:
  • Excellence

  • Commitment

  • Innovation

  • Teamwork

  • Ethics

  • Diversity